Space Escape Game

Space Escape Game

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Welcome to Space Escape. Help the astronaut to reach the spaceship to escape. This is a new puzzle game for kids. Use your Left, Right, Up, and Down keyboard movements to move the astronaut. Do you like space and action games, then the Space Escape game is a free web game that you will love. Play and have fun!

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How to Play Space Escape Game

Use your Left, Right, Up, and Down keyboard movements.

Space Exploration Facts

Space vehicles are designed for space exploration. These technically highly sensitive devices are used exclusively for movement in a vacuum, outside the atmosphere of the Earth. They are launched from Earth with the help of a rocket. Mostly, these constructs are used to supply space stations. It is increasingly common for space probes to be transported to a distant point of our galaxy in order to do important research at the destination. Space flights can take place either manned or unmanned. If personnel for the control of a space vehicle is needed, the staff must have a wide range of different qualifications.

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