Ultimate Boxing Game

Ultimate Boxing Game

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Are you ready to rumble? Ultimate Boxing is one our most popular boxing games. This free online game is a fantastic boxing simulator and for any sports fan, you will find this game addictive. Ultimate Boxing offers a complete boxing experience in which you can do different punches, including a jab and block the attacks. Choose your player, sleeve up your boxing gloves and get in the ring to face your opponent and fight as your life depends on it. Have fun!

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How to Play Ultimate Boxing Game

The controls are straightforward. You just use your mouse and left-click buttons in various motions to perform devastating haymakers, uppercuts and jabs. Use a deadly combination of punches to knock out your enemy, but don't forget to guard and block too. As you progress you will fight a variety of different opponents as your rank increases.

What is a Sidering Knockout or Knock Out

A knockout or knock out is a fight ending, winning criterion in several full contact combat sports, such as boxing, kick boxing, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, Karate and other sports involving striking. A full knockout is considered any legal strike or combination thereof that renders an opponent unable to continue fighting. The knockout term is often associated with a sudden traumatic loss of consciousness caused by a physical blow. A technical knockout is also referred to as a T.K.O., and it is declared when the referee, official ring physician, the fighter, or the fighter's cornermen decide that a fighter cannot safely continue the match. In boxing, this can happen if the boxer fails the 10 count. In many regions, if a fighter has been knocked down three times in one round, it is declared a technical knock out.

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