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What is the definition of an Action Video Game?

Action web games means emphasizes physical challenges, such as hand-eye coordination and reaction-time. The Action video games genre includes diverse sub-genres such as the fighting video game genre, shooting video game genre, and platform video game genre. They can sometimes incorporate other challenges such as races, puzzles, or collecting objects, but this kind of gaming is not central to the Action game genre. When playing an Action Game, the gamers are often under time pressure, and there is not enough time for complex strategic planning. In general, a faster action game is more challenging. Almost all the earliest video games belong to the action game genre. Some great iconic examples include classics such as Gravity Guy from 1978, Asteroids from 1979, & Pac-Man from 1980.

The Early Action Video Games

Back in the 1970s & 1980s gaming was very limited to what the video game technology could do. The Action Game Designers weren't able to tell the full action stories they may have pictures in their minds. The Action Gamers had to use their imagination to fill in the gaps of the story. A great example of this is the Combat game in which two game players control tanks, jets and biplanes. The video game didn't have a battlefield, but instead a plain green screen with rough battle lines & drawn in dividers The Combat video game does not include a story, as part of the fun the gamers invent their own story. Combat was the first game for the Atari Video Computer System, coming out in 1977.

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