Apocalypse Truck Game

Apocalypse Truck Game

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Apocalypse Truck is a fun action-packed driving game where you get to control a truck in a world full of zombies. 30 levels with amazing graphics. There is even an upgrade shop. Play Apocalypse Truck now for a great fun experience!

11,043 play times

How to Play Apocalypse Truck Game

AD/ left,right arrows to control truck W or up arrow to jump

Zombie Cleaners - What we Recommend for the Apocalypse

Bleach is a vital part of any post apocalyptic lifestyle. Bleach kills viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew, which cause the vast majority of illnesses. You should stock up on bleach prior to the zombie apocalypse. But bleach, doesn't clean zombies, you kill zombies with your shot gun.

Apocalypse Truck Game Walkthrough: