Snake Game

Snake Game

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Play this classic arcade game of Snake. It's always fun to play something classic like this game. Collect food one at a time and make the snake grow. Don't let it touch the wall or its tail. How long can you grown the snake? Have fun!

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How to Play Snake Game

WASD to move. P or Space key to pause. M key to turn the sound off and on.

Snake type Games - When did it all Start?

The very first Snake-type game was an arcade game called Blockade. It was created by Gremlin way back in 1976. Its popularity grew throughout the 80's when it made its way onto early Texas Instruments calculators, and home computers such as the Apple II, the Commodore 64 and the BBC Micro. Launched in 1997 with Nokia 6110, Snake is said to have signaled a new era in mobile gaming but it was the game's second version in 2000 that became a household name. The iconic Nokia snake game is something every millennial knows about. It is a key childhood memory for 90s kids and with a video of an actual snake circulating on social media, people are reminded of the game.