Moon Patrol Game

Moon Patrol Game

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A graphically tranquil mountain landscape, a few potholes and an uneven surface let Moon Patrol shine with a true retro touch of our time. Your task is simple: You have to start a routine inspection tour on the moon and check out the situation on the busy little planet. However, the ride in your moon vehicle will not be quite as simple as you would imagine. Craters, mines, tanks as well as enemy units from the air will want to prevent you from completing the mission. With the upward pointing arrow button, you must jump over obstacles. Using the spacebar, shots can be fired upwards and forwards. If you want to reduce or increase the speed, press down the arrow keys pointing to the left and right. Moon Patrol puts your reaction speed and your skills in terms of looking ahead while driving in the foreground. If you react too slowly in this retro graphic fireworks, Moon Patrol will come to an end for you very quickly. At the top edge of the web game, you can see your points, the number of your lives as well as your current score. You get points for each object that you have shot down, which are then immediately credited to your score. The more difficult an object is to hit, the more points you will receive. However, be careful! Just because you want to do a good job at aiming at that which lies in front of you, cannot lose sight of the path that lies ahead of you. This free online game challenges you to your last breath at the highest level. Have Fun!

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How to Play Moon Patrol Game

USE CTRL and ALT for the two buttons (one for jump, one for fire), and left/right for movement.

A Real Life Moon Vehicle

In the last three Apollo missions, a lunar vehicle was used. The official name of the vehicle was Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV). It is an electrically powered vehicle with four wheels. It was to increase the speed of movement of the astronauts that landed on the moon as well as the maximum transport load. The LRV was developed in 1969 within 17 months at the laboratories of General Motors. The 3.1 meter long vehicle could carry up to a maximum of 490 kg. 353 kg of which had already been reserved for the astronauts due to gravity. If the vehicle was fully loaded, the ride height was only 36 centimeters.