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If you ever wanted to be an astronaut or you were amazed by the incredible thing going on in space then you will find the free online games in the space game category interesting. There's a whole lot of space out there. An infinity of it. And there are a whole lot of space games to fill it. We hand-picked a few of them which we think you might enjoy to play.

The Space Game Genre offers Action in all kinds Places

When you play a fun game on our website you can expect to go on an unforgettable ride into outer space, or fight with aliens from another dimension. This game genre has it all. You can engage in hand-to-hand combat, fight with evil aliens, and build impenetrable defense systems. While still sitting comfortable in your chair, you get to fly out on a mission into outer space to fight off enemies, avoid crazy obstacles, visit strange planets, and in some instance even create your own empire. Space games have experienced a rebirth over the past few years and we strive to deliver the best online gaming experiences.

Space Html5 Games are Addicting and Easy to Play

Real life astronauts has a very challenging job which require a lot of practice, so most people prefer to explore space using their computer. The controls are often easy to learn in these web games. Just use your keyboard to accelerate, brake, and steer your spaceship. Shooting is often done with spacebar. In some of these online html5 games you also sometimes need to use your mouse. We have everything from classic games such as Galaga and Galaxian to more modern html5 games such as Intergalactic Battleships and Spaceship Racing. Hours and hours of countless fun are at your fingertips, with little-to-no learning curve. So jump into your spaceship, and fly right into the action now!