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Phoenix Game

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Phoneix is a classic 1980s space shooter game similar to Galaga. Phoenix was one of the first full color arcade games, along with Galaxian, so at the time it stood out. Also, it has distinctive shooting sounds that have become very familiar to fans of the genre. Most importantly, the Phoenix mothership was the first video arcade game boss where the boss was presented as a separate challenge. We hope you enjoy playing this free version online. Have Fun!

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How to Play Phoenix Game

Left cursor - move left, right cursor - move right, left ctrl - fire, left alt - force wall, 5 - insert coin and 1- start. Phoenix is an arcade action game with gameplay similar to Space Invaders. You are the commander of the Phoenix, and your mission is to reach an alien spaceship which has been draining your planets resources. The ship is guarded by four levels of bird like creatures. After clearing all four stages, the fifth level will be against a large, heavily shielded mothership. If the mothership is destroyed, the game will then repeat, but with increased speed and difficulty. To defeat the numerous enemies, the Phoenix is equipped with a laser cannon and a force field.

Phoenix - The Retro Space Video Game History

Phoenix, one of the retro arcade space shooters, is an innovative and distinctive game of the 80's. It was developed by Amstar Electronics (which was located in Phoenix, Arizona), and first released in the USA and Japan. In the video game, like in most examples of the space shoot-'em-up genre, the player controls a spaceship that moves horizontally at the bottom of the screen, firing projectiles at the enemies that appear above it. The enemies, which are represented with shapes of phoenix birds, shoot missiles at the player's ship and occasionally dive down in attempt of crashing into it. Phoenix was one of the first full color arcade games of the time, which made it stand out among the crowd. It was one of the first arcade games to introduce a game boss as a separate challenge (the Phoenix mothership) and it is this particular game that had those distinctive shooting sounds which became so well-known to the fans of the genre. It was sold by many different companies at the same time, and that ended up in several different arcade cabinets. Some of them have joysticks on the control panel while others have only buttons. Despite the slight difference in releases, Phoenix cabinets are famous for using a unique wiring harness, not known to be compatible with other games. This classic video game has received an official sequel called Pleiads, several ports to other consoles and a whole set of clones and variations, what shows the popularity and significance of the game.