Red Ball Game

Red Ball Game

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This the smartphone/mobile friendly sequel to the popular platformer featuring new challenges and obstacles to overcome. Red ball's here to rescue the Christmas. Roll and jump your way through each hazard filled level, defeating enemies. Have you got what it takes to save the Christmas? Whether you're looking to enjoy rolling the Red Ball Christmas you will absolutely enjoy playing this game. Sounds easy? Have fun!

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How to Play Red Ball Game

Use arrows to move around. On mobile/smartphone devices just tap the arrows on the screen.

Why some people like to have a Red Ball

You can find balls in all kinds of shapes and colors. Most common is probably the black and white soccer ball. But, some people just prefer a red ball. It might be because it is their favorite color, or because they like the symbol or meaning of the color red. Red could mean love, warmth, blood, danger, in other words it could have all kinds of meanings, and that's is another reason why people are facinated by that color. Also, as most people don't have a red ball, the people who wants to stand out they certainly want to own a red ball.