Intergalactic Battleships Game

Intergalactic Battleships Game

Intergalactic Battleships Game Online - Play Free Fun Space Web Games

Take the classic battleships game to space. Play against computer AI player with difficulty levels. You need to destroy the alien spaceships to save Planet Earth from destruction. It's a masterpiece of design and it's available unblocked in html5. Whichever device or browser you're using. Do you have what it takes to take them down? Have fun!

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How to Play Intergalactic Battleships Game

Play game by tapping the screen or use your mouse to play. You can use the special skills to find the enemy's spaceship. Choose where to position your intergalactic ships on the game screen. Select the position on the computer's board and shoot trying to hit your enemy's spaceship. If you have hit the computer's spaceship, you can try to hit it once more until you miss or sink it's spaceship. Sometimes, the ships can be positioned adjacent to each other on the playing board.

Fun Facts about Space for Kids

According to Science Kids there are many cool, crazy, strange, funny, weird, odd, bizarre and wacky information about space. The Sun is over 300000 times larger than earth. The Solar System formed around 4.6 billion years ago. The Moon appears to have more craters and scars than Earth because it has a lot less natural activity going on, the Earth is constantly reforming its surface through earthquakes, erosion, rain, wind and plants growing on the surface, while the moon has very little weather to alter its appearance. Footprints and tire tracks left behind by astronauts on the moon will stay there forever as there is no wind to blow them away. The only planet that rotates on its side like a barrel is Uranus. The only planet that spins backwards relative to the others is Venus.