Commando Boat Game

Commando Boat Game

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This is a new and re-imagined casual shoot'em up game featuring a marine theme. Drive your speed boat behind enemy lines. Avoid incoming obstacles such as river mines, tree logs, rocks and other boats. Shoot and destroy obstacles with bullets. Collect coins to purchase cool boat models such water raft, speed boat, hovercrafts, and more. Collect powerups including coin magnets, bullets and bubble shields. Take ramp to get a cool boost forward. Jump over your enemies. But most of all, have fun!

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How to Play Commando Boat Game

Use left and right arrow keys to move your boat, mouse to navigate the menus. Use spacebar to destroy obstacles. You can also play the game on touchscreen devices, and just tap the screen.

Other usage of Commando and Rush

Commando is a 1985 American action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rush is a Canadian rock band formed in 1968, in the Willowdale neighborhood of Toronto. Rush is also a biography of Austrian Formula 1 champion driver Niki Lauda and the 1976 crash that almost claimed his life. Mere weeks after the accident, he got behind the wheel to challenge his British rival, James Hunt.