Super Farting Dogs Game

Super Farting Dogs Game

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Fly your dog through the skies collecting snacks and dodging missiles, don't forget to use the powerful Power Ups to go further. Super Farting Dogs! Can you pass 100 points? Have fun!

10,314 play times

How to Play Super Farting Dogs Game

Z - Fly counterclockwise, X - Fly clockwise.

Is it normal for dogs to fart a lot?

It is normal for your dog to fart from time to time, but excessive farting can cause concern, in addition to making life a bit smelly. Dog gassiness or flatulence can have a variety of causes, ranging from digestive problems to food intolerance to more serious medical issues. Your dog cannot digest certain nutrients. As a result, the bacteria in its large intestine have a lot of undigested nutrients to process. In the process, they produce sulphur and methane. These gases determine the smell of your dog's farts. Farting tends to happen more during sleep because muscles are relaxed at this time.

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