Dark Ninja Game

Dark Ninja Game

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Dark Ninja is a hero who needs to cross the village of rocks and eliminate the red ninjas who are his most feared enemies. Run jump use the parachute enable invisibility slide down the floor dash shoot shurikens and use special to kill your enemies and cross the village as fast as possible. Collect as many ninjas coins as you can to score points and also the energy potions to increase the energy bar. Have fun!

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How to Play Dark Ninja Game

On mobile you should use the touch buttons on screen. On Desktop: Move with left and right arrow. Jump with up arrow. A key for shuriken, S for Dash, D for Parachute, Z for invisibility, X for special 1 and C for special 2. Make sure to jump around to keep your character away from the attacks of ruthless red ninjas. Throw shurikens at your enemies to teach them a true lesson. Try not to be caught in the strikes of your enemies otherwise you will lose your health. The top left corner of the screen will show your health bar. Do not forget to heal your character by collecting red potions in case your health is low. Feel free to defeat multiple enemies at once by using the special attacks.

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