Quick Capture Game

Quick Capture Game

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Welcome to a game of strategy, economy, and luck! Quick Capture is an easy-to-manage strategy game. Play online in real time, capture lands, villages, cities. Explore the whole world by opening territories on the map. Outrun of the enemy, surround him and win a fair battle. Get ahead of the enemy and win this grand war of wits. Have fun!

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How to Play Quick Capture Game

You can use your mouse or tap the screen to play this fun game. You can choose between the online and offline modes and practice or face other players. The offline mode offers three difficulty options: easy, medium, and hard. You can start with the easy mode, learn how the game works, and move on to the more difficult games later. Start by surrounding your capital by unlocking the areas around it. Each empty tile you conquer costs you a coin. Focus on finding cities and taking them over to increase your income. These cities are your main source of income. You can also search for balloons that can land on any invisible tile on the map. Try to get as many cities as possible before contacting the enemy. Use your income wisely not to run out of money. Upgrade your lands to increase their durability and protect your capital. Surround the enemy capital by conquering the lands around it, and win the game.