Merchant Empire Game

Merchant Empire Game

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Make as many gold coins as you can by buying and selling goods before time runs out. In the 18th century, the South China Sea bustled with activity as maritime trade flourished between Europe and the Far East. Merchants ships carried luxury goods such as tea, silk and porcelain from Asia to the West. In return, the Asian goods were exchanged for silver, medicine and all manner of Western contraptions such as clocks, watches and cartography instruments. Alas, such endeavors were not without considerable risk. Following the shipwrecking of their mother vessel, your crew must start anew in the distant lands of the Orient. Undeterred and no less determined, your crew has mustered what little gold they could to purchase a small ship in one last attempt to recoup their losses. After all, fortune favors the bold in the age of merchant empires. Have fun!

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How to Play Merchant Empire Game

Use the arrows or WASD to move. Tap the screen or use your mouse to select stuff and take care of business.

Why Empires Always Tend to Fall

History tends to repeat itself. Empires rise and fall in a vicious circle of greed, tribal thinking, prejudice, misunderstandings and envy. People tend to be seduced by either organizations, ideas, tribes, values, often without questioning their source, wondering why they get seduced or what the intention, goal, purpose or competence of the seducer is. As them empires grow, so will the confidence, the laziness, and the greed. But in the end, it's facts that are more important than fiction, and this is mainly why the empires fall.