Fish Restaurant Game

Fish Restaurant Game

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Fish is considered a very useful product for eating, moreover, it is already very tasty. There are many establishments that serve delicious fish dishes. But you decided to go further and want to build your own fish restaurant empire. There are multiple levels of bosses that you can experience. Gain sufficient experience and climb the career ladder. Have fun!

10,321 play times

How to Play Fish Restaurant Game

Mouse and touch to play.

Some Fun Fish Facts for Kids

According to there are many fun fish facts for kids. Did you know that fish are one of the oldest animal families to live on Earth. Fish have a backbone. But unlike mammals, fish don't have lungs. They breathe by taking oxygen from the water in through their mouths, where it passes over the gills. The gills then absorb oxygen from the water and send the oxygen throughout the body. Some fish live in salt water, such as halibut and cod. They live in oceans and seas. Freshwater fish, such as trout and catfish, live in lakes and rivers. Fish have a good sense of taste, sight and touch. They can feel pain. The largest fish is the great whale shark. It can grow to 50 feet long.

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