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Cool Archer Game

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Become a master of the bow in this festive archery game. Aim for the target and show your archery skills in this beautiful 3D archery challenge. Time and adjust your archer shots to land a bullseye and get bigger points. Your skills will be tested with harder challenges over time like moving boards and stronger winds. Master the game and become the bowmaster. Enjoy beautiful and chill 3D Environment, More challenging targets over time like moving board and stronger winds and endless gameplay with unlimited levels. Have fun!

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Shoot arrows in this 3D archery game.

The Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow is a projectile weapon system (a bow with arrows) that predates recorded history and is common to most cultures. Archery is the art, practice, or skill of applying it. Today, bows and arrows are used primarily for hunting and for the sport of archery. Though they are still occasionally used as weapons of war, the development of gunpowder and muskets, and the growing size of armies, led to their replacement in warfare several centuries ago in much of the world.