Gunslinger Duel Game

Gunslinger Duel Game

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Are you ready for a relentless duel in the wild west? The Musketeer Duel also needs to take great shots to get high scores. If you don't have a good shot, you don't have much luck. So focus very well and pray that your opponent is not faster than you. When you are prompted to shoot, you must shoot first, if you shoot before the instruction, you will lose your right and be shot. You have to be very careful to survive, because you have a chance. In this online game, mouths shut up, guns speak!

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How to Play Gunslinger Duel Game

Looking at the match from the side, you control the one to your right. Tap to start and wait for a signal to fire. Once it's allowed, click anywhere on the screen. If you were first, the opponent falls dead, and you proceed to the next level. A too slow reaction leads to your death and withdrawal of all results achieved. As you see, the stakes are high here. The signal doesn't appear after the same period. It's different each time. Sometimes you tap immediately after the beginning. Or you wait for seconds to finally have a shot. Often the tension is so strong, you may want to shoot before you're allowed to. It is the greatest mistake and a way to lose. You'll miss 100% and hit the opponent's hat. As a result, he kills you when the signal is here. So, control yourself.

Gunslinger Duel - Graphics and Attention to Detail

Fans of Minecraft will be glad to see a square-based environment. But the visuals are not pixelated and look up-to-date. This combination makes the title attractive. The action takes place in a Mexican-style village near a sheriff's office. You face different characters each time. They even have names, such as Damned Simpson, Karl the Shooter, Johnny Lesh, etc. The developers did their best to make it realistic. First of all, you see blood splashes when someone is injured or dead. Secondly, they added situations when you shoot simultaneously. In this case, both characters die. And you have a chance to replay, until only 1 lives.

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