Prison Escape Game

Prison Escape Game

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Help the stickman break free from the prison in this fun, easy to play game. You have money to earn and time ticking against you, so get out of the prison as fast as possible. The faster you get out, the more money you will earn. The aim of the game is to escape from the prison. You must make your way past prison guards to do this and avoid their torchlights. You will have three lives so make sure you don't get caught three times otherwise it is game over. This prison game will develop your planning skills and strategic thinking, as both of these aspects are vital for success here. You must plan your approach so you do not get caught, and then analyze the guards behavior so you know when the gaps appear. Have fun!

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How to Play Prison Escape Game

Click the screen to start each mission. You must get to the exit area without being spotted. You will be spotted by the guards if you knock into them or if they see you in their torchlight. Use the arrows to move around. Use the Up/Down arrows to move up and down, and Left/Right arrows to move left and right. If you tap the arrow you will move one block in that direction. Hold the arrow the move constantly in that direction to make the character move faster.