Maga Run Game

Maga Run Game

Maga Run Game Online - Play Free Fun Political Web Games

In Maga Run you get to run from the FBI and find lost election ballots, collect enough money to complete the game level with the best score result. Just keep calm and jump over obstacles, don't stop or the police will catch you and put you in prison. Fun political game, play and have fun!

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How to Play Maga Run Game

Use your mouse, spacebar or up arrow to jump. You can even touch the screen if you want.

What is MAGA?

MAGA stands for 'Make America Great Again'. The use of the phrase by Donald Trump has been lauded as the most resonant campaign slogan in recent times. This is because it hit a nerve among Americans who believe the country has lost out to globalization. The use of the acronym MAGA gave rise to the related term MAGAnomics, which refers to President Donald Trump's economic policy. So, what is MAGA all about? Love the United States, improve the economy, strengthen the borders, lower the taxes, achieve better international agreements and give everyone more freedom.