Red Panda Game

Red Panda Game

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Red Panda is a fun platformer game with new challenges. Play now the Red Panda and jump on platforms to collect all the coins and open the hidden door. Try to complete all the game levels and avoid obstacles such as traps and spikes. Have fun!

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How to Play Red Panda Game

Use your mouse to move and click to jump.

Interesting Facts about Giant Pandas

Giant panda babies are the size of a stick of butter when they are born. The Chinese people call them Da xiong mao, which means giant bear cat. Pandas make a sound that is like the sound a lamb or a goat would make. When they make this sound they are saying, Hello. Sometimes they might growl, huff, or bark. A Giant Panda can hear very well. Pandas walk on all four legs. They use their whole foot when they walk. They can't walk on their hind legs like other bears. Pandas can climb trees very well. What's so sad about these cute animals is that they are becoming endangered because they don't have as many places to live anymore. The forests are being cut down.