Virus Ninja Game

Virus Ninja Game

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Oh no, another pandemic is hitting the earth and dangerous virus strains are spreading everywhere. You, a ninja master, have come to slice them out and protect people. To you have it takes to stop the deadly virus and save mankind. Have fun!

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How to Play Virus Ninja Game

Swiping by mouse or finger.

Ninja Virus Game History

Virus Ninja has nothing to do with the original Ninja Virus game, except they share the same name just in slightly different order. If you want too learn more about the original game, here are some facts. Ninja Virus was one of Capcom's first real arcade game hits, surpassing in popularity the company's prior titles including Vulgus, Sonson, and Pirate Ship Higemaru. While not as popular as some of Capcom's series that would debut later in the late 1980s such as Street Fighter and Mega Man, Ninja Virus would become one of Capcom's cementing legacy for the Golden Age of video games.