Fast Ninja Game

Fast Ninja Game

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Fast Ninja, it's amazing and cool game in which you play as a ninja who has set a goal to be the very steep and collect as many coins, gold and jewels as possible. How much you will be able to run? Be careful because in your way will be dangerous jumps, thorns and bombs. Prove that you are the best ninja. Have fun!

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How to Play Fast Ninja Game

Use mouse or tap to screen to play this game. Collect as many coins, gold and jewels as possible.

Are Ninjas Fast Runners?

Ninjas ran very fast over both short and long distances. Running skills were for rapidly transmitting information. Ninja were also called "people with fast feet" for their famed speed. Running fast is possible mainly through training, but there were also secret skills and information for doing so. The ninja used to run leaning front. Starting with the right foot and right hand. The Ninja used to train up in the hills to get larger lungs and some ninja could run 200km a day.