Halloween Arkanoid Deluxe Game

Halloween Arkanoid Deluxe Game

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This is a challenging Halloween game, based on the popular Arkanoid game. You need to control the bouncing ball using a paddle. The paddle can be moved by mouse or touch. There are 24 levels in this game. The ball striking a monster causes the monster to disappear. Destroy all the monsters in a level, to complete it. Have fun!

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How to Play Halloween Arkanoid Deluxe Game

The paddle can be moved by mouse OR touching the screen.

Arkanoid - The Game History

Arkanoid is clone or variation of the paddle and ball video games of the 1970s, for example Super Breakout. The game play is simple, yet highly addictive. Although following the structure of these early bat and ball games, Arkanoid introduced it's own elements into the genre. First released for the arcade platform, the game was published by Romstar and developed by Taito. Arkanoid was designed by Akira Fujita and programmed by Yasumasa Sasabe, and released in1986. Upon release, this fun arcade game was critically acclaimed. In Japan, the Gamest Awards gave it the Silver Award for being one of the four best games of 1986, along with Taito's own Bubble Bobble, Sega's Fantasy Zone and Tecmo's Rygar. In Europe, it was reviewed by Clare Edgeley in the December 1986 issue of Computer and Video Games, where she compared it to Pong and Space Invaders in its simplicity and addictiveness.

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