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Flags Maniac Game

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Do you even know how many countries there were in 2021 all over the world? No? There are not 150 not 200, but no fewer than 232 countries. Well, these days there might be even more. If we do not keep all the political and legal framework in mind, then this number is correct. If you are one of the few people who knew that number already, then you get the chance to guess the respective national flags of all those countries. How well do you know World flags? Can you recognize Switzerland, South Korea, Panama, Netherlands, Portugal or India? Learn every flag of the world, and test your knowledge as fast as you can!

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Click the correct flag.

A Short History of National Flags for Kids

The history of national flags is long and entertaining. For example, the Danish flag, known as Dannebrog, is attached to a legend as one of the oldest flags of the world: On June 15th, 1219, the battle against Lyndanisse of Estonians under the leadership of King Waldemar II took place. When the defeat of the king in the battle against the heathens was almost certain, a flag fell from the sky, which is said to have destroyed the Estonians. Historians assume that the true origin of the Danish flag is to be found with the Vikings. As of right now, there is no evidence for either of these theories.