Mummy Hunter Game

Mummy Hunter Game

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Join Mummy Hunter and be prepared to guide a beautiful girl who wants to go on an endless running adventure! Your objective in this brand new action packed adventure game is to hunt mummies in the Egyptian desert. Do not forget to grab as many coins as you can while avoiding all the deadly obstacles along the way. You are sure to have a great fun when you control this lady running in this endless dessert game. Multiple dangerous mummies are waiting for her on the way so do not leave her alone until she covers a satisfactory distance on this fabulous platform. Guide her when to shoot and when to jump. Make sure that your heroine defeats all the hazardous mummies of the Egyptian. You can also use the coins you collect along the way to buy more powerful weapons and upgrade your character as well. The longer you survive, the higher score you will make and more difficulties you will have to face off. Have fun!

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How to Play Mummy Hunter Game

Easy to start playing. One touch gaming. Click or tap to jump, double click/tap to jump higher. A cool shop to buy additional weapons.