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Civilization Game

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Do you have some interest in ancient civilizations, war games and strategic thinking, well the Civilization game is exactly that. Start the game as an ancient man who did not want to work and for this he came up with something similar to a state where everyone works, and he rests. But as a result, it turned out that he has to work more than others, inventing various mechanisms to improve and simplify life. You have to go all the way from ancient man to space travel, collecting resources and making important discoveries that will allow you to make the transition to more advanced eras. Have fun!

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How to Play Civilization Game

Your goal is to collect the resources that are needed to move into a new era. Hire workers to make it faster. Control: Mouse or W,A,S,D or Arrows.

Wars of past Civilizations

For 1000s of years people's cultural and religious identities have been the primary source of conflict. Ancient warfare is war as conducted from the beginnings of recorded history to the end of the ancient period. According to WikiPedia the strategy of wars between these civilizations focused broadly on the twin goals of convincing the enemy that continued war was more costly than submitting, and of making the most gain possible from war. Forcing the enemy to submit generally consisted of defeating their army in the field. Once the enemy force was routed, the threat of siege, civilian deaths, and the like often forced the enemy to the bargaining table. However, this goal could be accomplished by other means. Burning enemy fields would force the choice of surrendering or fighting a pitched battle. Waiting an enemy out until their army had to disband due to the beginning of the harvest season or running out of payment for mercenaries presented an enemy with a similar choice. The exceptional conflicts of the ancient world were when these rules of warfare were violated. Effective war tactics in wars of past civilizations varied greatly, depending on: the size of the army, unit types, terrain, weather, positional advantage, skill level, individual battle experience, individual morale, and armament (quantity and quality).