Prison Rush Game

Prison Rush Game

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Prison Rush is an exciting arcade game in which you must help a seated girl escape from a women's prison by gathering all the prisoners to help. You are sent to death row due to a conspiracy and the only way to save yourself is to break out the prison from inside. Befriends with other female prisoners to get help, fight with guardians. It's all your call but you must save the girl from the death penalty. Let's help her escape and defeat the police officers to win. Have fun!

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How to Play Prison Rush Game

Tap or use mouse to control the female prisoner. Guide the outlaw to the other inmates serving time in prison to assemble a female gang. They are capable of beating the cops to carry out the escape. Collect the items highlighted in green. They will increase your credibility in the penal institution. It will happen when the band over the heroine's head is full. Avoid handcuffs and other items highlighted in red. Also, avoid the guards so as not to lose your group members. Complete all levels and find victory.