Let's Fart Brandon Game

Let's Fart Brandon Game

Let's Fart Brandon Game Online - Play Free Fun Political Web Games

Let's Fart Brandon is a funny action parody game featuring farting with Joe Biden (Brandon). He might not be the rightest or nicest, but he know how to let out some stinky farts. Brandon needs to beat up all enemies with his fart. Go through the maze and beat all enemy along the way using his most powerful tool ever (his butt). Have fun and let's go Brandon!

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How to Play Let's Fart Brandon Game

Use WASD keys to move around and use spacebar to let out some stinky farts.

Joe Biden (Brandon) and the Long Royal Fart

You might heard about it or maybe not as the news have been trying to cover it up. It happened back at the COP26 Climate Summit in Scotland, November 2021. According to the nypost.com the president broke wind while he was talking to her majesty Queen Camilla (back then her title was Duchess of Cornwall). During their small talk conversation, Joe Biden let out this long and loud part. According to Queen Camilla and people nearby, it was completely impossible to ignore. No one can confirm whether it smelled bad too, but we can just imagine. Actually this episode inspired an American song writer, Ray Stevens to write a song about it. You can hear the song here: Gas by Ray Stevens.