Drop Letters Game

Drop Letters Game

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In this web game you need to build words in a fun way on your phone, tablet or computer. In other words your goal is to create clarity out of confusion and sense out of nonsense. This colorful word learning game is a fantastic way to boost your range of vocabulary in a fresh new way. It starts out easy-peezy, and then gets harder and harder until your brain is well and truly in a spin. Have fun!

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How to Play Drop Letters Game

Use your mouse or touch the screen to build words.

Why are the letters arranged the way they are on a QWERTY keyboard?

In 1874 Remington & Sons manufactured the first commercial typewriter, called the Remington Number 1. This typewriter was designed by Christopher Sholes and used the QWERTY keyboard we are all familiar with. Those early typewriters had a problem with the bars colliding with each other and jamming. So by arranging the keys with the most common letters in hard to reach spots the typists will slow down and the problem will be avoided.