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Q-Bert Game

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Move Q*bert between the squares by jumping about avoiding the bad guys. Q*bert is a orange critter with a large nose. This game was one of the earliest puzzle games and was largely successful on the Apple computer. The version you get to play is not the original, but a newer version from 1999 that runs in an emulator. Have Fun!

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How to Play Q-Bert Game

Use the arrow keys to move and navigate. Use X key to select. You also are able to change the keys and see additional information in the in-game menu.

History of the classic Q-Bert game

I bet any avid gamer from the early 1980s can identify with Q-Bert. The small orange character with a rather long tubular nose. The comic value of the game was immense. Whenever colliding with an on screen enemy the swear bubble would appear, along with very expressive eye movement. This emotion gave the character a very human touch, which many gamers instantly related to. Released for the arcades in 1982, designed by Warren Davies and Jeff Lee, published and developed by Gottlieb, Q-Bert is a single or two player alternating turn game of the platform genre. The object of the game is quite simple, guide Q-Bert around an isometric pyramid while changing the colors of the cubes. The early levels are straight forward as each cube will change color at a single touch. However the color will change back to the original if accidentally hopped on again. In the later levels the cubes have to be hopped on twice in order to change their color. Unfortunately the game isn't as straightforward as that. Preventing Q-Bert from a clear run (or hop in this case) at the pyramid he is constantly tormented by numerous enemies. These include Coily the snake, Ugg a purple pig, Wrong-Way a gremlin team, and Slick and Sam, two creatures who turn the colors of the cubes back into their original color. The only aids at Q-Bert's disposal are spinning disks situated at the side of the pyramid. These disks, once jumped upon transport our hero to the top of the pyramid. There are also green balls, that will freeze Q-Bert's enemies for a short time.

The Legacy of the Q-Bert Video Game

According to WikiPedia one of the higher-profile titles of the classic era. In describing Q*bert's legacy, Jeff Gerstmann of GameSpot referred to the game as a "rare arcade success". In 2008, Guinness World Records ranked it behind 16 other arcade games in terms of their technical, creative and cultural impact. Q*bert became one of the most merchandised arcade games behind Pac-Man, although according to John Sellers it was not nearly as successful as that franchise or Donkey Kong. The character's likeness appears on various items including coloring books, sleeping bags, frisbees, board games, wind-up toys, and stuffed animals. In the years following its release, Q*bert inspired many other games with similar concepts. Q*bert is seen being played in the 1984 film Moscow on the Hudson starring Robin Williams. In The Simpsons episode "In the Name of the Grandfather" Marge, Bart and Lisa hop around the stones of the Giants Causeway in a game of Q*bert. Despite its success, the creators of the game did not receive royalties, as Gottlieb had no such program in place at the time. Davis and Lee nonetheless expressed pride about the game continuing to be remembered fondly.