Hamster Escape Jailbreak Game

Hamster Escape Jailbreak Game

Hamster Escape Jailbreak Game - Play Free Fun Prison Web Games

An innocent hamster is trying to escape from prison. Help him, because alone it is very difficult. Solve puzzles and tasks of skill and skill to reach your goal so that the hamster can return to his family. Have fun!

10,917 play times

How to Play Hamster Escape Jailbreak Game

Use arrows or A/D to move around.

Canadians Just Love the Hamster Dance song

Did you know that in Canada, the "official" Hamster Dance song was released as a single and it stayed for two weeks in the Canadian Top 40. To honor the Canadian author, and Canadians for making this Internet meme, I have added a couple Canadian flags in between the gifs. Please also don't forget to visit the official hamster dance page: HamsterDance.com