Trumps Holy Wall Game

Trumps Holy Wall Game

Trumps Holy Wall Game Online - Play Free Fun Political Web Games

Trumps wall is very holy, and you have to help President Donald J. Trump jump the gaps. Or don't (if you don't like him) and watch him fall to his death. It is a simple one button game, but the timing is what makes it challenging. Many gamers thinks it is actually too challenging, for some reason it almost feels like the developers didn't like Donald Trump. Have fun!

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How to Play Trumps Holy Wall Game

Click your mouse or use space to jump. Hold for higher jump. It is all about timing your jump.

How Much of Trump's Border Wall Was Built?

One of Trump's biggest goals as a president was to built a wall along the Mexican border to prevent bad guys (including drug dealers and human traffickers) from coming into the country. He did this to protect the country. As soon as is opponents, the Democrats, heard that he wanted to do this. They did everything in their power to stop it, including spreading many lies and trying to stop it through lawsuits. The Democrats just hated Donald Trump so much that they had to prevent him from succeeding. The Trump administration completed 458 miles of wall along the southern border before President Joe Biden halted construction on his first day in office. This is according to final figures compiled by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The wall consists mostly of 18- to 30-foot steel bollards anchored in concrete. The barriers also feature sensors, lights, cameras and parallel roads in some places.