Great Giana Sisters Game

Great Giana Sisters Game

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The classic platform game of Giana Sisters is a copy of the Super Mario Brothers made for Commodore 64 video game system. The main characters in this classic game is the two Giana sisters, and the original Giana Sisters game could be played as a single player our 2 player game. The goal of Giana Sisters is to find a giant crystal, and wake yourself up. Do you like to play classic games online? If you are in the same classic mood as us today, then you probably would like to play an online flash version of the classic Great Giana Sisters. Am I right? ;) Have Fun!

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How to Play Great Giana Sisters Game

First use the mouse to navigate the menus. Use the arrow keys to move, X key to jump. Take out your enemies by landing on top of them. There are more detailed control information within the game, and you are even able to change them.

The history of the classic Giana Sisters game

The Great Giana Sisters is a 1987 platform game developed by Time Warp Productions and published by Rainbow Arts. Throughout history, there have been many great games, such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Galaxian, and many more. Of course, game developers eventually play these games, and sometimes make their own version of the video game, such as the Great Giana Sisters. Tell me, what does this sound like? A synonym for Super, a five letter name, and a word relating to two siblings of the same gender. Yeah, it's a Super Mario Bros. copy. I didn't have the Super Mario Game on my computer, but Giana Sister I had, and I spent several hours playing this classic game. The Giana Sisters game just seems to fascinates you to the point of hypnosis, and then you just find yourself playing the game every day for a while. I don't even know I wanter to play this as much as I did, it's just... it's addicting.

Giana Sisters Graphics

The graphics aren't very good as it is the Commodore 64. So, except the owls look like Goombas, Giana's hair look really messy, and the colors are overall boring and not interesting to look at. At least things like the bushes look nice. It doesn't even change when you go underground, which makes it look depressing and bright at the same time. This would be a nice time to point out that it is hard decipher what any of the enemies look like besides the owls. I see this eyeball creature, a two-mouthed caterpillar, shells with eyes, and a wasp. The classic Giana Sisters game has 33 levels, but the levels sometimes copy Super Mario Bros directly. However, unlike Mario, the game has several modes of transportation other than Warp Pipes, such as doors, elevators, and holes in the ground. Brich Blocks also now contain rocks, on top of being empty, and coins. Speaking of coins, we're collecting diamonds now, and, taking example from Mario again, you can get an extra life from 100 diamonds. Giana Sisters isn't extremely hard, but a decent challenge can be found here. Part of the challenge is pressing up to jump, and yhe classic Giana Sisters game can have tricky jumps, and the later levels (such as Stage 31, where you have falling platforms everywhere) make the difficulty much higher. Today you are able to play Giana Sisters online.