Atomic Boy Game

Atomic Boy Game

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First release in 1985. Climb around lattice of pipes to deactivate power switches for main computer while avoiding robots. Jump on generators to send out disrupters and kill robots. This is a five level vertically scrolling platformer. Have fun!

11,251 play times

How to Play Atomic Boy Game

Use number 5 key to add credit, several times for more credit. Push the number 1 key for one player. Use the arrow keys to move around the nuclear facility. More details about the controls within the game, and you also have the option to customize them. The task is to climb around a lattice of conduits while avoiding robots. Kill robots by jumping on generators and sending out disrupters. Each generator has a limited number of disrupter shots.

The Robots in the Atomic Boy Game

There are two kinds of robots in the Atomic Boy game, normal and super. Normal robots can become super robots by passing through generators. Super robots can only be destroyed with two disrupter shots and then touching them.