Ninja Pumpkin Game

Ninja Pumpkin Game

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You play as a Ninja Pumpkin (yes, it is a kind of ninja!) and in each level, you have to do your best to reach the end. Run in this arcade-style journey, filled with obstacles and enemies. Control a strange guy with a huge orange head. Use the creature's abilities to overcome any hurdle. There are 10 rounds, which are switched over automatically. When you begin, you have only 2 lives. You'll get extra ones for every 30 coins. You have to be careful not to fall or touch enemies along the way. Have fun!

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How to Play Ninja Pumpkin Game

Touch on mobile device or mouse on PC. There are only 2 buttons to tap. But still, it's a challenging title. When you start the round, you see nice graphics, with pleasant green and blue colors. You move forward automatically. Your objective is to avoid being killed. Click the Up arrow to leap, and the Down to slide. Double tapping on the Jump button sends you higher up. The route is built of platforms. However, they are not even, with holes and higher grounds to mount. This is why you'll need to jump all the time to keep going. Some platforms float back and forth. So, you have to guess the right moment to press the button.

How to Tackle the Monsters in Ninja Pumpkin

There are 3 types of jelly-like creatures. They live on some platforms and make it more difficult to proceed. Pay attention to their color. It'll give you a hint at how to tackle them:

  • Red denotes the least dangerous monsters. You can kill them by landing on their tops. However, if you bump into them, you die.
  • Yellow stands for active beasts. They don't move but jump every now and then. It makes them harder to destroy. The best option would be to avoid interaction at all.
  • Black means the most dangerous enemies. They are indifferent to your attacks. You have no chance to eliminate them.

If you ever get frustrated with the monsters, don't forget you have a limitless number of tries in Ninja Pumpkin free of charge. It's available to everyone on our portal.

Ninja Pumpkin Game Walkthrough: