Russian Battle Royale Game

Russian Battle Royale Game

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Are you ready for some urban street fighting in Russia? The game Russian Battle Royale features big map of Russian city where you must find lots of different weapons in order to shoot all hostile gopniks in the neighborhood. Have fun!

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How to Play Russian Battle Royale Game

It's you against to the gopniks. WASD - Move. LMB - Shoot. Mouse Wheel - Change weapon. R - Reload. P - Pause. Space - Jump.

Fun Facts about the Russian Army

According to WikiPedia there is a lot of fun stuff to learn about the Russian Army. The Russian Army are the military service of the Russian Federation, established after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. On 7 May 1992, Boris Yeltsin signed a presidential decree establishing the Russian Ministry of Defence and placing all Soviet Armed Forces troops on the territory of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic under Russian control. The primary responsibilities of the Russian Army are the protection of the state borders, combat on land, the security of occupied territories, and the defeat of enemy troops. The Russian Army consists of more than a million solidiers, where most are in the army reserves. As of January 2017, the Federation of American Scientists estimated that Russia has approximately 1,765 deployed strategic warheads, and another 2,700 non-deployed strategic and deployed and non-deployed tactical warheads, plus an additional 2,510 warheads awaiting dismantlement.