Keyboard Mayhem Game

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Do you like to type fast on your keyboard, and do you also think it is entertaining to play a free word game online? Then this is the free web game you should play. In Keyboard Mayhem you type the words displayed as they appear to throw the Word Beast off the cliff, if not the Word Beast will eat you. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Keyboard Mayhem game online

Use your mouse to interact, and the keyboard to type the words.

The definition of Mayhem

Mayhem is the crime of maliciously injuring or maiming someone. It could also mean destruction of a thing or property, i.e. children committing mayhem in the flower beds. Modern statutes in the U.S. define mayhem as disabling, disfiguring, such as rendering useless a member of another person's arms or legs. The injury must be permanent, not just a temporary loss. Some courts will hold even a minor battery as mayhem if the injury is not minor. Mayhem in the U.S. is a felony.

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