World Conquest

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World Conquest Flash Game Online - Play Territory Armies Turn Games

Are you a streategic thinker, and love to play free online games? Then we probably have the stragey game for you. World Conquest is a strategy flash game similar to classic board game Risk. Your task is to Conquer the World with your armies and defeat all opponents. You can play with up to 6 players consisting of computer and human players, and you can even adjust the AI on the computer players in the game settings, giving you the option to making this flash game as challenging as you feel like. Have Fun!

How to play Play World Conquest Flash Game

World Conquest is played with one or more human and computer players, and you use the mouse to interact.

Picking Territories: The World has been divided into 42 territories. Select which ones you want to own. If you choose the Random Placement setting, then they are randomly assigned. The territories are shown in each player's color. When you select a territory, an army is placed there. When you and your opponents have selected all the territories, then you take turns placing your remaining armies in the territories you own.

Attacking your opponents: Select one of your territories to attack from, then select a neighboring territory to attack. You can only attack overseas where a line indicates a connection. You must have at least two armies on a territory to conquest. Chance determines how a conquest goes, but chances are weighted by how many armies you have and how many armies the opponent has in that territory. If you do not conquer a territory immediately, you can click it again to launch another attack. Once you conquer a territory, some of your armies are automatically moved there. The rest of your armies need to be divided between the conquered territory or the attacking territory.

Placing New Armies: At the beginning of each turn you will receive some new armies to place. The number depends on how many territories you own and how many complete continents you own. (You can place up to armies 10 at a time by holding down the shift key).

Fortifying: At the end of the turn, you can choose to fortify, which means you can move armies from one territory to an adjacent territory.

Game Cards: At the end of each turn where you successfully conquered at least one territory, you get a card. Once you have more than two cards, you may be eligible to turn some in for extra armies. You can only do this at the start of a turn. There are three suits (soldier, tank and plane). You can turn in a set of cards with all the same suit, or turn in a set of cards representing each suit. Wild cards can be any suit. You get some extra armies to place, plus two extra armies on a territory if that territory is shown on the card and you own it. You must turn in cards if you have more than five. When you eliminate another player from the game, you will get all of that player's remaining cards. If this gives you more than five cards, you will be forced to immediately turn in sets of cards for more armies.

Game Settings: You can change the AI settings of the computer opponents to vary the game. You can also set the aggressiveness and luck of each opponent. The luck setting will make it more or less likely that the opponent will win battles.

Saving the Game: Press the Save button to save your current positions. You can then leave the World Conquest flash game and return to it later. When you start, press the Resume Game button to pick up where you left off.

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