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Season of War is an online real time strategy web game. The story is a prequel to the Xplored game Methus Tower Defence. You choose the faction to guide into War: King Dionisus I human alliance under the command of the Prince Alexander VIII or the Dark Lord's orc forces led by the necromancer Methus Kardec. You'll decide who will write the book of history. Each army has 6 buildings, 6 troops and multiple upgrades, and there are 7 different battles for both stories. To win each battle you shall destroy all enemies' Headquarters (main outpost building) before the enemy destroys yours. A nice feature is an Automatic save of the online game at the end of each battle. The free online game also have original soundtrack and sound effects, and the graphics are all 3D modeled and fully animated. You will enjoy to play this free web game. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Season of War game online

This fun online game has easy controls mostly based on your mouse, and left click. To play use your mouse to navigate menus and select items/characters. You can use the WASD keys to move the camera. For more information and hint and tips on how to play the Season of War game we recommend you look at the nice guide to the Season of War game created by

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