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In this free online game you will take on the role as an Indian living in the hot southwest desert. Cowboys by now have destroyed most of the red Indian population, they are now heading towards your village. You must to what ever you can to stop them. You are equipped with a bow and arrows. You will earn coins by killing the cowboys and use the coins to upgrade your weapon between levels. In this free web game regular cowboys approach your village and start shooting once they get close to it. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Red Warrior game online

Use your mouse to play this free web game. To Fire an arrow: Click the bow, then drag backwards to determine the power and angle, release the mouse to fire the arrow.

Why is the color red used by Warrior to paint his face

When warriors for various tribes are ready to fight they usually paint their face. While soldiers often paint their face with camouflage colors such as green, brown and yellow. Warriors tend to prefer the use of the color red. Each tribe has its own designs and paint their bodies and faces for rituals, dances and for battle. The designs painted are believed to hold magic powers for protection. The Red Color Symbolizes war, blood, strength, energy, power and success in war paint but might also symbolise happiness and beauty in face paint. Paint was commonly used to protected the skin from insects, the sun, the wind and the cold. Red ochre was in plentiful supply so this was the most common application, hence the term Redskins.

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