Khan Kluay Game

Khan Kluay Game Online - Play Free Elephant Strategy Game

Khan Kluay is a fun strategy elephant game which you could either play against a friend or the computer. Dispatch units from your elephant army against your opponent on the other side of the screen. Send larger units against smaller ones to claim victory. If you are up against something very large, send multiple elephants against it. In this free online game you will also get power up items for powerful elephants. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Khan Kluay game online

Player 1 uses W key for up, S for down, and D to run elephant. Player uses the arrow keys. We recommend the following strategy: 1. Wait until power guage is full before unleashing elephants. 2. Send as many elephants as you can to your enemy's camp. 3. To win you need to reach the target score, and if to players you will need to have the highest score when the time is up. You have access to the following settings: 1. Set Score, 2. Set Time, and 3 Set Com Level.

Khan Kluay is an animated movie from 2006

The movie is about a young elephant which goes on an extraordinary adventure and learns important lessons along the way about friendship, love and courage. It is an enjoyable movie to watch. Even some people say this is one of the best animated movies they have ever seen. This movie teach you to not only fight for our loved ones but also for the freedom of our country even if our army is small in number.

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