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Calabash Earth is facing invasion from a great monster army, and you will have to help the Calabash Bros defeat the evil invaders. The Grandpa of two young brothers has been caught and taken away and the world faces incredible danger! The young Calabash brothers will band together with courageous warriors from the Town of Hope, to rescue their grandpa and put an end to the invasion by destroying the monster lair. Build towers to kill incoming monsters. Earn Gold by killing monsters. Use gold to build and upgrade your tower defenses. In times of emergency, use you auxiliary skills and powers to help destroy the enemy. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Calabash Bros game online

Use your mouse to interact in this online game.

Calabash Bros is another free online game by Miniclip

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What is a Calabash and what does the term mean

A Calabash is a tropical evergreen tree that bears fruit in the form of large woody gourds, the term could also refer to a water container, tobacco pipe, or other object made from the dried shell of the calabash or similar gourd. In regard to seafood the term is used to describe seafood that is lightly breaded (usually dipped in milk & then a combo of flour & cornmeal) and then fried.

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