Ageless War Game

Ageless War Game Online - Play Free Ageless War Web Game

In this free online game you get to wage war against different eras of soldiers as you build your city, purchase weapons and armor, and cast powerful magic spells. Place buildings that create soldiers to fight against the enemy and destroy their base. Upgrade your buildings and equipment to help overpower the enemy. Good Luck!

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How to play the free Ageless War strategy game online

Use the mouse to play this online game. Click and drag to position buildings etc.

What does ageless mean

Ageless is an adjective describing a person or thing whose age cannot be defined, or is non-existent, does not change, or having always existed without a beginning or an end (existing without having ever been born and will never die). It can also describe immortality, most specifically eternal youth. Agelessness can be attributed to people whose physical characteristics do not match their age.

What is the definition of a war

War is an organized and often prolonged armed conflict that is carried out by states or non-state actors. It is characterized by extreme violence, social disruption, and economic destruction. War should be understood as an actual, intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities, and therefore is defined as a form of political violence or intervention. The set of techniques used by a group to carry out war is known as warfare. An absence of war is usually called peace.

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