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Go for gold medal in the Swimming Race Game. The task in this free online game is to swim against your opponents and beat their time to become world champion. Enjoy a simple but quite entertaining game with fast paced game-play. Have Fun!

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How to play free Swimming Race game online

Alternate Left and Right arrow keys to swim in this swimming race game.

Swimming as a sport dates back to the Stone Age

Swimming is a water based sport. The sport of swimming has been recorded since prehistoric times. The earliest recording of swimming dates back to Stone Age paintings from around 7,000 years ago. The Swimming Race became popular in the nineteenth century. The goal of a the Swimming Race game is to constantly improve upon one's time(s), and also to beat the competitors in any given event. However, some professional swimmers who do not hold a national or world ranking are considered the best in regard to their technical skills. Typically, an athlete goes through a cycle of training in which the body is overloaded with work in the beginning and middle segments of the cycle, and then the workload is decreased in the final stage as the swimmer approaches the competition in which he or she is to compete in. In competitive swimming, four major styles have been established. These have been relatively stable over the last 30–40 years with minor improvements. The four main strokes are: Freestyle (free), Breaststroke (breast), Backstroke (back), and Butterfly (fly). Events in competition could have only one of these styles or they could contain all four. The individual medley is a swimming race event that where swimmers start the race with butterfly, then the race move to backstroke, breastroke, and then freestyle.

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