Field Goal - Rugby Challenge Game

Field Goal Game Online - Play Free Miniclip Rugby Challenge Game

Do you like to watch or play rugby? Do you also like to play a free sports game online? Then this is the online game you must play. Your task in the Field Goal game is to kick the ball through the goal posts to complete the levels. Have Fun

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How to play the free Field Goal - Rugby Challenge game online

Use the mouse to aim, use the left button to set the power.

Field Goal - Rugby Challenge is another cool sport game from Miniclip

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What is rugby

Rugby football is a style of football that refers to two current sports, rugby league and rugby union. Although these two distinctively different forms of rugby share the same basic rules of the game, that is, getting the ball over the line to score a try, the rules for the two forms are different. Rugby football developed from a version of football played at Rugby School and was one of several versions of football played at English public schools during the 19th century. In 1871, English clubs met to form the Rugby Football Union.

Field Goal

Other sports use a field goal as one of several methods of scoring. The field goal can be a primary or secondary score and is used when there are several possible scoring methods. In these sports, the object of the game is to score a greater number of total points than the opponent. A field goal is scored in either rugby code by place kicking or drop kicking a ball over a crossbar and between goal posts. In rugby union, a goal scored from the field either as a drop kick during normal play or a place kick after a foul scores three points. In rugby league, a goal scored from the field as a drop kick scores one point, and a goal from a place kick after a foul scores two points. In both codes, a goal scored by place kick after a try (a conversion) scores two points.

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