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In the Long Jump flash game your task is to jump further than your opponents and beat their distance to become world champion. This is a great web game for you to test your online jumping skills. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Long Jump flash game online

You will have to alternate Left and Right arrows to Run, and then Press Up arrow to Jump when you play this flash web game.

What is Long Jump or Broad Jump

The long jump is a track and field event in which athletes combine speed, strength, and agility in an attempt to leap as far as possible from a take off point. This long jump event has been an Olympic medal event since the first modern Olympics in 1896, and has a history in the Ancient Olympic Games. At the elite level, long jump competitors run down a runway and jumped as far as they could from a wooden board 8 inches wide that is built flush with the runway into a pit filled with finely ground gravel or sand. If the Long Jump competitor starts the leap with any part of the foot past the foul line, it is declared a foul and no distance is recorded.

Long Jump History

The long jump is the only known jumping event of Ancient Greece's original Olympics pentathlon events. All sport events that occurred at the Olympic Games were initially supposed to act as a form of training for warfare. The long jump emerged probably because it mirrored the crossing of obstacles such as streams and ravines. After investigating the surviving depictions of the ancient long jump event it is believed that unlike the modern day long jump event, athletes were only allowed a short running start. The athletes carried a weight in each hand, which were called halteres. These weights were swung forward as the athlete jumped in order to increase momentum. It is commonly believed that the jumper would throw the weights behind him in mid-air to increase his forward momentum; however, halteres were held throughout the duration. Swinging them down and back during the landing would change the athlete's center of gravity and allow the athlete to stretch his legs outward, increasing his distance. The long jump itself was made from the bater that which is trod upon. It was most likely a simple board placed on the stadium track which was removed after the event. The long jump was considered one of the most difficult of the events held at the Games since a great deal of skill was required. Music was often played during the long jumping event and Philostratus says that pipes at times would accompany the long jump so as to provide a rhythm for the complex movements of the halteres by the athlete. Most notable in the ancient long jump sport was a man called Chionis, who in the 656BC Olympics jumped 23 feet and 1.7 inches. But, enough history, now it is time for you to play the free Long Jump flash game.

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