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One of the best game principles that were available at that time. With the view of the events from the top, which await you as a talented fighter pilot, you have to plunge into the fray. In this free online game you can expect a battle that only you can decide for yourself alone. The background for the reasons of this military conflict in Galaga remain largely unknown. That does not alter the fact that you have to shoot everything with your spacebar that builds itself up in front of you. At various intervals, interstellar spaceships of a hostile party build themselves up in front of your front and throw themselves down in your direction. While this happens, the individual fighters fire deadly missiles at you in order to deprive you of one of your three lives. In this free web game it is only allowed to move to the left and the right using your arrow keys. As if things were not already tight enough in your cockpit! While you have to go wild flying around through the area in these graphical fireworks, it is also imperative that you keep the hordes of enemies in sight. Your opponents allegedly know no fear of death and throw themselves down at you at a breakneck speed with an indescribable tempo. How many lives are left, you can see using the small fighter icons in the lower left corner of the playing field. At the beginning, it will take some time until you get used to the game speed as well as the habits of your opponents. If you fail, the result of lost round will be displayed. Here you can read how many shots were fired by you, how many of them reached their destination and how high your percentage rate of success was. You are free to decide whether the result obtained will be published in an online hit list or not. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Galaga flash game online

The Galaga flash game is keyboard controlled. You will use the arrow keys to move your spaceship and spacebar to shoot.

Space Exploration Facts

Space vehicles are designed for space exploration. These technically highly sensitive devices are used exclusively for movement in a vacuum, outside the atmosphere of the Earth. They are launched from Earth with the help of a rocket. Mostly, these constructs are used to supply space stations. It is increasingly common for space probes to be transported to a distant point of our galaxy in order to do important research at the destination. Space flights can take place either manned or unmanned. If personnel for the control of a space vehicle is needed, the staff must have a wide range of different qualifications.

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