Duo Blaster

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Duo Blaster Game Online - Play Free Duo Blaster Web Game

You can play this game on you own, but also together with a friend. Shoot the enemies from the sky and make sure you don't get hit yourself. Complete all 9 levels destroying waves of enemies and 5 bosses. When you receive hits your shield's power will decrease (displayed by a bar in the top left corner). If your shield is reduced to zero you die and lose a life. When all lives are depleted the game's over. Collect powerups by moving over them. Powerups will increase your speed, score and shield's power, upgrade your main weapons or add secondary weapons like missiles and lateral shots. Killing enemies and collecting powerups increases your score and level. Your level determines how many powerups you retain after dying. At the top center of the screen there is a white meter that is constantly filling, when it's full you can press spacebar to use the Megabomb. At the end of odd-numbered levels you have to beat a boss to complete the level. The boss's remaining energy is displayed by a bar on the bottom of the screen. Have Fun!

Play Duo Blaster game online for free today

Do you like to blast away in a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play our free Duo Blaster game online.

How to play Duo Blaster game online

Player 1 (main ship): WASD\Arrow keys - Move ship, J\R - fire main weapons (if using manual fire), K\E - switch active weapon, and SPACEBAR - Use Megabomb (when meter is full). Player 2(Attack drone): Mouse - Movement (when in free mode) or aim (when in orbit mode), Left mouse button - Fire, Backspace - Switch between free and orbit mode, and P to Pause game.

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