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In the Bit Shift game you get to fight your way through large waves of enemies. You need to dodge or use the shield to absorb enemy bullets. Every enemy bullet absorbed is added to your Emp meter. When your Emp meter is full you get to discharge it, and you will then destroy all the enemies visible on the screen. When your health bar is fully depleted the web game will end. In this free online game you also get to collect power-up boxes to improve your firepower. Have Fun!

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How to play Bit Shift flash game online

Use the arrow keys to Move, A to Shoot, S to Activate Shield, D to Fire EMP (if charged), and P to Pause the online game if you need a break

What are the bit shifts

The bit shifts are sometimes considered bitwise operations, because they operate on the binary representation of an integer instead of its numerical value. However, the bit shifts do not operate on pairs of corresponding bits, and therefore cannot properly be called bit wise. In these operations the digits are moved, or shifted, to the left or right. Registers in a computer processor have a fixed width, so some bits will be shifted out of the register at one end, while the same number of bits are shifted in from the other end; the differences between bit shift operators lie in how they determine the values of the shifted in bits.

The bit-shift operator

The bit-shift operator works on images represented in byte or integer pixel format, where each pixel value is stored as a binary number with a fixed amount of bits. Bitshifting shifts the binary representation of each pixel to the left or to the right by a pre-defined number of positions. Shifting a binary number by one bit is equivalent to multiplying when shifting to the left or dividing when shifting to the right the number by 2.

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